A Writing Day

Today has been a writing day.

I felt quite overwhelmed this morning about how much I have to do so today was going to be a day of getting stuff done. And because a lot of what needed doing was writing it was writing day.  I was going to go and write in a coffee shop for a while but it was raining this morning when I was going to leave so I thought I’d go after lunch.  Only I never actually got out of the house.  To make myself feel better I’ll blame that on the last lingering remnants of my cold.  It’s not really but we’ll pretend it is, ok?

I haven’t been able to write any fiction but I’ve written (or researched or chased for information or whatever I needed) several small things off the list and I feel better.  The to do list isn’t looking as great as I would like because I’m waiting for a few people to get back to me before things can be ticked off but it’s improved.

And I had a very interesting conversation with someone for an article I’ve since written.  I enjoyed it’s tough to get notes down while talking to someone on the phone.  Especially when you can relate to a lot of what the other person is saying but have to bite your tongue from sharing your own experiences and thoughts on the matter. As a writer it’s not about me, must remember that!

I really do need to start making fiction writing a priority though and not the treat at the end of the writing day when everything else is done.

5 thoughts on “A Writing Day”

  1. I don’t know about you, Emma, but I find that my writing demands that I have all my research done. And, then it gestates in my brain (hopefully), so when I “feel the burn” to write, my thoughts flow keenly and swiftly.
    I’m guessing your psyche registered the same need.

  2. I love writing days. So often other things get in the way and writing gets pushed all the way down the to-do list. But those days that you can just dedicate to writing are so lovely. Your brain is free from all distractions.

    I too need to schedule fiction writing into my week. I’ve read it is best to write fiction in the evenings — apparently our brains are more creative during that time of day?

  3. I find myself stymied when I try to write fiction. I have a wonderful idea and the beginning is mapped out… but I don’t think I’ll be able to let it “flow” until it’s a bit more mapped out. I need to work on it, I have co-workers who have read the prologue and are begging for more! That’s got to be a good sign, eh? LOL

  4. For me, writing feels like such an indulgence. I feel a little guilty about doing it when the chores are waiting. But then I really want to put off the chores, so I write – and feel productive. Until guilt sets in again. 🙂

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