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Thirteen Things I’d Like To Do This Year

I’m linking up today with Thursday 13 which I think was one of the first ever big memes on the Internet.  I used to post to it every week when it first started (in 2006 or maybe 2005) and I’ve dipped in and out of it ever since.  It’s one I love but I often lose momentum with.  Which is ridiculous because it’s super easy – just post a list of 13 things and then share the URL of your post in the linky which is currently hosted here

Here is my list of 13 things I’d like to do this year

  1. Have a go at decopatch
  2. At least once a week go and write in a coffee shop/the library
  3. Go to Mamma Mia the Musical
  4. Visit somewhere I’ve either never been or haven’t been to for more than 10 years
  5. Spend less time online
  6. Donate at least 50 of the books I’m finished with to charity
  7. See either Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the musical or Sister Act the musical for a second time (or both)
  8. Spend an hour a day writing fiction for six weeks
  9. Try something new
  10. Have a “day out” once a month
  11. Read all the books I got for my birthday or for Christmas before the next ones
  12. Get some photos printed
  13. drink less coke and eat less chocolate

I think most of those have a reasonable chance of being achieveable (for example the musicals are ones that I know are coming somewhere I can go easily and have someone who will probably come with me) but still proving a challenge.


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