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Reading Down My TBR Pile (2016 Edition) – Week One

Here is my weekly update into what I’ve been reading. I’m linking up with It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? with this post.

It's Monday! What Are You ReadingNot as much actual reading of actual physical or ebooks this week as I’d planned.  I’m beginning to suspect I’m not very good at readathons over a long period like Bout of Books because this isn’t the first time I’ve planned to do it and then struggled spectacularly to meet my goal. So I didn’t manage an hour a day of reading (I did twice).

Shorter more intense readathons like Dewey’s 24 hour readathon are good for me though.  The 24 in 48 readathon is next weekend and I might do my own version of that. I’m never going to achieve 24 hours of reading within one 48 hour period but an intense reading weekend does sound good.

Screen shot of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince in Audible's appI did meet – and seriously surpass – my one hour a day of audiobooks though.  I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Friday and I’m now more than half way through the audiobook of Harry Potter and The HalfBlood Prince now.  I wasn’t sure I’d manage to finish OOTP last week so that is a pleasant surprise.  I’ve very much been binge listening over the last week, especially yesterday when I think I listened to the most I ever have in one day.

But it’s not been all audiobooks, all the time.  I also finished reading Before The Chalet School: Bettany’s on the Home Front by Helen Barber which was excellent.  My only complaint was I’d love to read more set in that time period within the series and there aren’t any! I take my hat off to the writers of the various fill-in books of the Chalet School because they are all so excellent and true to the series.

And on the train to and from Reading on Friday (and whilst I stopped for a drink and a snack) I  was reading The Lives of Stella Bain by Anita Shreve.  I need to go back and finish it but so far I’m liking it and it’s really keeping me guessing.  I do seem to be on an accidental First World War kick though!


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