The Curse of the UFO

I’m a crafter. And I’m an ideas person, not a doing person. And I’m a procrastinator. Which means I’m affected by the curse of the UFO.

In crafty/internet terms UFO is the term for an Unfinished Object. Usually one that’s been abandoned or not exactly abandoned but put aside to go back to at some point soon for the lure of the more exciting other project.

I have a scarf that I started a few days before my sister’s wedding. It’s still not finished and she got married in September.  I put aside another project to start it (in part because the other project was a baby blanket for my nephew who was born a couple of weeks later and I wanted something I could knit around my sister in law).  Maybe 20 minutes of knitting and sewing the ends in and it would be done. But I just can’t get round to it. I did go back and finish the blanket I put aside though.

I have a toy I started crocheting for my nephew before he was born with the rough idea if it wasn’t done in time for that he could have it for Christmas. But then as I got more on with it I didn’t like it. So that’s half done waiting to be frogged or finished.

I’ve ripped out or thrown away (after being abandoned for months and getting tangled past the point of repair) so many UFOs it’s unbelieveable.  And I want to get better at finishing things.

But instead I’ve just started making a hat on my knitting loom.  It seemed like a great thing to make with the loom you see. And I was able to get more of the yarn I’m making the scarf with.  And a matching hat and scarf would be cute.20160112_190224.jpg

If only i could finish the scarf.  I will. But once I finish the hat because knowing me if I put it aside I’m never going to pick it up again!


2 thoughts on “The Curse of the UFO”

  1. Oh, Emma, I do recognise this!

    Just go get the thing and finish it. Would it help if you thought of it as the basic material for a baby’s toy? A camel or a penguin or a little stitched bear? Just think how good you will feel to have it done.

    I used to have lots of unfinished projects, but I finish the ones that matter to me, more often, now. Thank God!

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