A Few Blog Entries and Articles I’ve Enjoyed This Week

Because sometimes you read something and you’ve just got to share.

Dear Daddy – Amazing video about owning your words and the responsibility we all have to speak up rather than laughing things off because they’re small and jokes and don’t matter.

When I Say Can’t – lately I’ve been dealing with someone in my life who keeps telling me to be more positive about my disability and any hint that I can’t do something is met with “yes you can.” It’s annoying as hell because I have to deal with them and they don’t know me well.  This post by Hannah is brilliant at explaining why sometimes, Can’t is OK.

Winter Haiku – black and white photography of nature and some haiku. I found this inspiring!

Feelings – this quote from Holly’s post sums up why it spoke to me “You do you. Get back in touch with your stifled self, your unbridled and innocent eight-color emotions. Be wholehearted. You are enough.”


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