Blogging is educational, who knew?!

The journalism course I’m doing has started a module on blogging and online journalism. This is excellent because the acivity we’re working on in our session today is to start a blog or update a blog. So I can waffle away on here and have it be educational. More time when I get home to watch rubbish tv and read rather than blog. Winning at life.

It was suggested I could help some of them but so far that’s mostly consisted of recommending WordPress.

So I was trying to think what my top tip for blogging is. What might help someone who is new to blogging?

There’s a lot of advice out there. Technical stuff, SEO etc. Tips on what to write, how often, things you must do.  It can be confusing and even offputting. I’ve been blogging since November 2000 and I’m glad all of the so-called rules didn’t exist at that point.

Which brings me to my top tip for my fellow students and newbie bloggers. Enjoy it. That’s what matters. Listen to the rules but make them work for you. Blogging is great and it can change your life (in small ways it changed mine) but thats not worth anything if it isn’t fun.


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