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An Undecided Thursday Thirteen

For this week’s Thursday Thirteen I thought I’d write a list of Thirteen Things I could write about.  Several of them are things I thought about writing a list of but decided against. Some of them I’ve written about before and thinking about it I’m not sure there’s enough change to make a new list worthwhile. One I started writing but got bogged down in.

And basically I was just undecided. So here’s the vague list (with a few added to round it up to 13) in case it’s useful for me or anyone else in the future.

Thirteen things I’ve could have written about today but didn’t.

  1. Things I have knitted
  2. Things I’ve crocheted
  3. Favourite authors
  4. Places to visit
  5. Ideas for stories
  6. Books I loved as a child
  7. Musicals I’ve seen
  8. Films I like
  9. Favourite foods
  10. Favourite websites
  11. Best blog entries
  12. Favourite places to eat
  13. Reasons to read.

Some of these might be future Thursday Thirteen lists. Others are blatently reaching and not worthing spending time on!

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