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The Noise Next Door

I love live comedy. And with an arts centre only a few minutes wheel away that does great comedy at a reasonable price (plus bonus free carer tickets for whoever goes with me) I’m lucky enough to get to go often.

Last night was the first live comedy of the year – The Noise Next Door – and it was good. Capital G Good.

A friend and I saw them do a short set (maybe 20 minutes) as part of a comedy club last year. We tried the comedy club twice and weren’t overally impressed with it – the first time was OK and having seen these guys we really wanted to see them again. The second time was just shit.  So no more comedy club for us. But as soon as I saw they were coming back to do a full show I knew I wanted tickets and my friend wanted to come too.

I’d been a bit unsure whether they’d hold up to a full show but I needn’t have been concerned. I laughed the whole way through. A lot. The Noise Next Door are an improv comedy group. I’d thought it was just musical songs because that’s what they’d done at the comedy club but it turns out they do scenes as well.  I did enjoy it all but I enjoyed the songs most – but my history with comedy started with an act that did musical comedy and it’s always been something I love.

Sometimes after I go to comedy my Dad will ask afterwards “what sort of things did they do jokes about?” I’m sort of hoping he doesn’t do that next time I see him. Because as awesome as it was (and it was) I’m not quite sure that it is explainable. They took suggestions for a job, a type of person, and a famous person and ended up singing a song which if they gave it a title would probably be “Gordon’s Wank Shop.” And that was just the first part of the show!

Absolutely hilarious, laugh so hard I almost choked (because it seems I still haven’t quite thrown off my cough – I thought I had until I started laughing that much).  But I’m pretty sure you had to be there.  I’m definitely putting this group on the list to see again if they ever come back.

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