Blog, Interrupted

One of the modules that’s part of my Foundation Certificate in Journalism is about writing for digital media – pretty much blogging. So I’ve been thinking about my blog in different ways to I usually would.

Last week I spent some time going through the various drafts on here. And I deleted most of them. To be completely honest several of them I couldn’t even remember what the point I wanted to make was. I think I deleted something like eight unfinished drafts going as far back as last spring.

I left two.  One I will finish. Definitely.  I’m annoyed with myself that I’ve not posted it yet especially as several people helped me with it.  The second I can’t remember what it is unless I click out of this screen and over to the drafts section to check. And I can’t be bothered to do that. So I should probably delete that too.

Oh actually – As I was writing this I’ve just remembered what it is. Yeah a version of that will probably appear but not in the form it was taking in the draft – I was much too ambitious with that.

I was surprised how many drafts I had and it seems like a good idea for me to try to keep better track of what I’ve got part done.  The same applies to books for review, I don’t do too bad at keeping track of those but I could do better at getting the reviews posted.  Especially when I’m doing challenges like this daily blogging challenge and sometimes struggling to think of things to write.

But as much as I’d like to do that it remains all too easy to get distracted by the internet or other things and not finish (sometimes not even start) what I write. Because actually there’s a third entry in draft now too. The one I started and then stopped when the timer went for my dinner. I could easily have finished it when I’d eaten but by then I’d lost my enthusiasm for it.

So tonight, instead of the story about a metaphorical red pen, the advice I want parents of disabled kids to know, or some links to my favourite old blog entries, it’s a tale of a blog – interrupted.

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