Reading Down My TBR Pile (2016 Edition) – Week Four

I’m linking this post up with both this week’s It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? over on The Book Date and with the January check in for the Read Your Own Damn Books Challenge over on Estella’s Revenge.

I read one book this week. Spectacles by Sue Perkins.  That’s her memoir and I listened to the audiobook of it.  She reads that herself and I have to say that really increased my enjoyment of the book – it felt in a way like she was telling me the stories, anecdotes and memories herself.  Plus it was laugh out loud funny in places and more so when she’s giggling quietly whilst reading it.  Also I hadn’t realised just how much she’d been involved in TV – I mostly know of her from Bake Off and a few other odd things.

Part of me would like to read more memoirs this year and perhaps even more in the form of audiobook read by the author. But not just yet.

In terms of the Read My Own Damn Books Challenge I think I’ve done OK this month but not as well as I could have done.

I read seven books and seem to have accidentally abandoned an eighth part way through (found it this evening and realised I’d completely forgotten about it).

I bought one new paperback and one new audiobook both of which I read. I also received and read a paperback I ordered at the end of December.

I received a review book I requested at the end of December and requested and received two more. A fourth request is pending an answer. I haven’t read any of those.

I finished the Harry Potter audiobooks I bought in October/November last year and read a book that I picked up at a blogger event last March.

All in all I’ve read one more book then I’ve added this month.

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