Floundering or Drifting or Something Like That…

I don’t want to say that this week has been a bad week because I think on the whole the good things do outweigh the bad.  But it feels like it’s been a bit of a bad week and like I’ve not really achieved much.

Oh I’ve been to CAB and I’ve done most of what I usually do in terms of going out and about but I’ve done very little else and pretty much if I’ve been at home I’ve been on the computer, reading fanfic.

I’ve been saying I’m going to have a real bash at novel writing because 1) I really want to and 2) I’m going to a sort of writers meet up next month and I want to be able to say more than “Well, I’ve been blogging…” if the friends I see there (who I see maybe once a year in person) ask how it’s going.  It’s a simple plan. One hour a day. Maybe not even an hour in one sitting.  But I haven’t followed through.

I’ve got two errands I need to do in town.  They’d add 15, maybe 20, minutes to a trip to Sainsburys or to CAB depending on the queue. But we’re now something like three weeks later and they remain undone.

On Monday I blogged that I was going to do lots of reading this week. I haven’t even finished the book I planned to finish that evening.

The reality is it’s all fine and there are good things about this week. And I did need to be relatively quiet today because this weekend I’m doing crafts with Mum one day and travelling to meet up with a uni friend on the other which will be a long but fun day.  Plus last weekend had a busy day too.

But I feel a bit like I’ve been floundering this week and should have done more – the last couple of weeks have brought news of my Great Aunt’s death, the serious illness of an acquaintance and sadly, this week, the suicide of someone I was very close to as a teenager. It makes you think and it makes me think I should stop wasting time pissing about on the Internet reading bloody fanfic.  But I know the reality is I should do things I love and I love fanfic.

To round this entry off in a more positive fashion here are some positive things about this week:

I wrote a piece for another site and it’s had loads of great feedback

The group of writers for that site are very friendly and supportive.

I’m really enjoying the knitting I’m doing

I got to see some of my family I rarely see last weekend

At that family event I got cuddles with two babies (Henry, my nephew and Charlie, my cousin’s son)

I get to see Rach this weekend!

Last summer a friend and I had a completely ridiculous falling out and didn’t speak until this week when she started texting me again.

Mum and I went to Prezzo for lunch and it was yummy.

My absolute favourite chocolate which I don’t buy often due to cost is on offer so I treated myself to several bars.


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  1. Sounds like a pretty great week to me! I was going to say the baby cuddles were the best thing ever, but I think making up with your friend edges them out by maybe half a hair? 🙂 Congratulations on all those wonderful things that happened this week! You made me happy, just reading about them! 🙂

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