My First Decopatch Projects

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I got some decopatch materials for Christmas and planned to try them out this year (as an aside, a couple of the other things on that list are either booked or in progress). Someone asked when I wrote that earlier post if decopatch is the same as decoupage? Basically they are very similar but decopatch is less involved. I found this blog entry which explains it in more detail.

Mum had done some decopatch last year so we planned that I’d go to her house and she’d help me with my first project. Then that had to be cancelled twice when first I was ill, then she was. But on Sunday we both managed to a) be free and b) be well so I headed to her house for an afternoon of decopatch and then dinner.

I worked on letters that spell out Noel (Christmas present so it had to include a Christmas decoration, of course) when I was there. To start with I wanted to be quite precise and exact and follow a sort of pattern of “If I put a gold bit, then a green bit, then another gold bit” but mum told me that it’s meant to be more abstract and I do have to admit the ones I did completely randomly do look better.  I think if I were to buy myself some more papers I’d probably buy ones with smaller patterns that are less obvious.

The O in the set was a snowflake and whilst I didn’t find decopatch too fiddly once I got the hang of it all the edges on that put me off.  So whilst I decopatched the N E and L with left over Christmas papers from Mum’s project (she did Merry Christmas last year) on Sunday afternoon I left the O snowflake.  Then I bought some cheapy kids gold glitter paint and painted that instead.

Here is the finished project – I’m pleased with it.

decopatch noel(image description: decopatch letters spelling out NOEL. The N is in green paper with a red/gold pattern, there is a snowflake instead of an O and that’s painted in gold glitter. The E is in a red patterned paper that had snowmen and similar on although they aren’t as obvious and the L is in green paper with a different red/white/gold pattern. Click on the picture to view larger.)

The other item to be decopatched I got for Christmas was a hexagon shaped box and lid. I had a go at doing that on Tuesday.  I really, really like how that came out. I like it more than I do the Noel.

20160218_191657.jpg 20160218_191349.jpg 20160218_191312.jpg(image descriptions: three photos showing different aspects of the hexagon box and lid I decopatched. The top shows the box with the lid on, the second is a close up on the lid and the third shows the box with the lid standing up to one side of it so the detail is visible. The paper used is pink/blue with a gold pattern).

I think I still have a lot to learn with decopatch but I’m loving it so far and have several other ideas for projects!

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  1. That’s lovely. I did some boxes and some altered books a few years ago. As you say, the more “random” the better. Perfection is the enemy.

    How’s our little group doing?

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