I’ve been so quiet on here and on facebook (and probably quieter than usual but not totally quiet on twitter) that a friend actually text me this morning to check I was OK because she was worried. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve also not been reading so Goodreads updates haven’t been auto posting. (Pro tip: it’s only when I go totally quiet on twitter that you need to worry. My heart belongs to twitter more than any other social network except maybe instagram)

I’m OK.

I just haven’t had a lot I feel like sharing lately.  I’m pretty stressed about a few things and I’ve had several pieces of bad news about other people which has hit me a bit. I don’t think depressed is the right word but it almost feels like I’ve had a persistent low level depression for a week or two.

But I’m hanging in and I’m OK.

I was at CAB this morning and now I’m not there again for nearly two weeks. I’ve also told some other people I do voluntary stuff with that I won’t be too available. It’s time to recharge my batteries.

I have a few fun things planned (and there’s a lot of time on trains involved so hopefully that’ll make me read again). And in the between times I plan to spend a lot of time watching DVDs, knitting, doing decopatch, lying on the sofa and reading.


3 thoughts on “Quiet”

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me who’s been quiet lately. Maybe there’s an outbreak of silence on the world wide web. I’ve got a lot going on too, and we just manage one thing at a time, isn’t that so?

    Lots of love ((xx))

    1. Good advice. Lots of comfort stuff. I am waiting for 1st day of spring….lighter nights..warmer weather then I will brighten up. It’s even colder up here..

  2. Maybe it’s the season for it. For those observing Lent, isn’t it meant to be a time of quiet, spiritual reflection? Maybe April will burst forth with joy and color, good weather and good fortune. It’s not even really spring, yet, is it?

    I was diving in to see if you were okay, though. 🙂 Glad to see that you are. I had thought you fell into a vat of Mod Podge or something, over there. Knitting sounds good. I was just thinking, last night, that I need to pull out my crochet and finish the “punishment pig.” After all, he WAS due by Relay for Life, which is usually at the start of April around here.

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