Books and the City Spring Blogger Evening

One of my vague goals for this year is to have either a day out or a day doing something different to my usual every month. Basically so far it’s meant I’ve been to Birmingham a couple of times. But on Wednesday it was time to go to London.

I went for the Books and The City Spring Blogger evening at Simon and Schuster.  And I’m really glad I did.

We had yummy nibbles, champagne and lots of time to chat to other bloggers (some old friends and some new) and publishing staff. And a goody bag and lots and lots of free books. I went to the same event last year and brought loads of books back – I swore blind I’d be more restrained this year. I ended up with 10 books which was restrained for me although I know it doesn’t sound it!.

Four of their authors were there reading from and discussing their newest books proofs of which were in our goody bags. Afterwards they signed books for us.

Every single time someone started reading from their book I thought “I want to read that next.” and then the next author would start and I’d change my mind “No… I need to read this first.” It’s two days later and I finished the book I was reading on the train home yesterday but  I still can’t decide what I want to read first!

Juliet Ashton read from These Days of Ours. I liked the idea that this is told through a series of moments – parties, weddings, funerals etc and follows the two main characters over many years. I’m very intrigued by it.

Holly Hepburn read from Summer at the Star and Sixpence – It’s being seralised in ebook and I’ve read the first two installments of that (my review of the first part is here) so I’m looking forward to reading this soon. We got special VIP printed proofs of this which was really exciting!

Paige Toon read from The One We Fell In Love With.  I’ve read quite a few of her books and really like them. This sounds like an amazing read – it’s about sisters – and the section she read made me laugh. We got special proofs of that too and they are gorgeous.

Penny Parkes read from Out of Practice. Now if I’m being completely honest I’d heard a tiny tiny bit about this book before the event. And what little I’d heard had me suspecting it wouldn’t be for me. Having since heard Penny talk about it and read from it I’ve completely changed my mind and it sounds like exactly my sort of read. It has a feisty old lady and a dishy doctor amongst other things.  In fact out of all of the books I picked up at the event Out of Practice is the one I keep coming back to as the one I want to read first.

Georgia Clark was also there for part of the time (coming straight off a plane) and she signed chapter samplers of her novel The Regulars.

authors signingMe getting my books signed (authors L-R Georgia Clark, Penny Parkes, Paige Toon, Holly Hepburn and Juliet Ashton)

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