An A to Z of Books and Authors: Jane Austen

For the A to Z blogging challenge this year I’ve decided to have a bookish theme and share some of my favourite books and authors – ones that I’ve loved, those I revisit time and time again. Ones that made me laugh and ones that have been influential in other ways.

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A is for Austen. As in Jane Austen.

Classics are something I read a few times a year.  Not on a hugely regular basis but enough to say they are a part of my reading loves.  I read some classics as a child – The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett was one I read again and again one holiday – but mostly when I had to.  I can’t remember really reading any classics at school and it was an area of reading I didn’t touch for a long time.

Eventually I set myself a list of goals. Some of them were reading related but most weren’t. And as an adult my love of classics began once I tackled the goal to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I really enjoyed it and I’ve read all of her books now with the exception of Emma (I’ve partially read that at least twice but never got all the way through it). Part of me thinks I should give it another go but I’m not sure I will.  My favourite remains Pride and Prejudice and I’m considering rereading Persuasion having heard a few people say that was their favourite and not being able to remember much about it.

I don’t have a favourite classics author (Dickens is my least favourite I think) – at the moment I’d say I have a soft spot for the Bronte sisters as I’m still working my way through their books and with the exception of Wuthering Heights which I didn’t understand I’ve loved reading them.  But I enjoy Austen a lot and she’s a bit of a special author for me because she’s the one who got me reading a genre I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I do.

5 thoughts on “An A to Z of Books and Authors: Jane Austen”

  1. You have set me thinking that I ought to do something similar as I loved to read the classics as a child. Well done for that.

  2. I do love Jane Austen’s stories. I say “stories,” because shamefully, I’ve seen many movies based on her novels and have only read “Sense and Sensibility.” I DO have the goal of reading Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” at some point. You could say it’s on my Bucket List.

  3. I love some of the classics, I have never read the secret garden, but I loved the movie. Wuthering heights is one of my favourites ^^ But I really should read more classics, I will try to read 52 books this year so i will keep checking back to see if you have any suggestions for what I will read next 🙂

  4. Reading this reminded me that I need to carve out more time in my day to read. The Secret Garden was one of my favorites as a kid! I also love Lord of the Flies. 🙂

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