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If I could download my brain there would be a new blog entry here tonight.

But I can’t and I don’t think writing can do my thoughts justice tonight.  Because one of the problems with blogging is sometimes I write things and I end up feeling like people have read a different blog entry to the one I’ve written.  And then I don’t know if I’ve not managed to make the point I wanted to or I have but people have missed it.

A lot of the time that’s interesting because it makes me think about things from a different perspective or see things differently.

Sometimes however it’s irritating. Sometimes I just want to whinge or share or thought or whatever and have it stand as it is.  No reassurance, no advice, just a blog taken for exactly what it is. (I do know that as a blog reader we all take our own life experiences into our reading and that brings our perspective on the blogs we read, I’m not complaining.)

And I suspect the topic I thought about writing tonight would end up in one of those situations.  I could probably write something and turn the comments off but 1) that feels like cheating and 2) most people comment on social media anyway.

So until such time as I can download my brain straight on to my blog I’ll give that topic a miss and share this ramble instead.  To be honest you’re probably not missing much.

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