Reading Down My TBR Pile

I’ve read two books this week (well, one was an audiobook but I always count that as reading).

I’m on “staycation” for the next week (although I’ve actually not been to CAB this week due to an issue with the new powerchair) with lots of chill time and fun things that involve train trips planned so I suspect next week’s list will be a lot longer!

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwoood.

I first read this years ago when it came up in conversation with one of my CAB colleagues and she lent it to me.  It was both my first Atwood and my first dystopia.  I’ve gone on to read many of both. Recently someone on Twitter posted about reading this and I was inspired to reread it. As I had an audible credit waiting to be used I got the audiobook at that was definitely the right decision, it’s brilliant in audio.

This really stood up to the reread and I think I took different things from it this time.  If you’ve not read this you should. If you’ve never read anything by Atwood you really really should.

High Tide by Veronica Henry

This is a summery fun book.  An enjoyable escapist read and the complete opposite to The Handmaid’s Tale.  I do enjoy a Veronica Henry book now and then but they always leave me hankering to go to the seaside!


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