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The First 50 Miles

Last Wednesday I did my 50th mile in my new powerchair.  I was in Bournemouth for the day.  I’ve been meaning to write this entry ever since but I’m finally doing it because if I don’t I’ll have to write it tomorrow and title it “the first 60 miles”

In that time I’ve

  • Been for coffee with two different groups of friends
  • Wandered around town a lot just trying it out and seeing what it can do.
  • Done errands and supermarket trips and other boring things.
  • Realised that I will not be able to get my hair cut in this chair
  • Got on a train for the first time in nearly three months
  • Made three separate train journeys one of which involved changing.
  • Went to Reading for shopping and treated myself to new perfume
  • Took my nephew on a wheelchair accessible roundabout at the park
  • Been to CAB
  • Made a second trip to Reading to meet a friend for lunch and cocktails (and accidentally bought two books whilst there)
  • Had a day out in Bournemouth with another friend – we walked along the sea front a bit, had lunch on the pier, visited the Oceanarium and walked through the gardens.
  • Been on a bus
  • Officially made it longer than I did with the Salsa before damaging it (two weeks to the day after I got the Salsa I did a couple of hundred quids worth of damage. The Jive is undamaged)

I’m not planning on going to Bournemouth again (I would but I feel like we’ve done it and I have other places I’d like to go), I’m unlikely to go on a roundabout again and I won’t be going on another bus.  I desperately hope not to damage it. But the rest is on the list for things to do again.

train station platform

two cocktails (margaritas) one empty, one full

the sea at Bournemouth



Penguins at Bournemouth Oceanarium

Me in my powerchair on Bournemouth pier with the sea in the background. I'm wearing pink and purple


r-net powerchair control showing 50 miles travelled

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  • Angeangel

    Good news…. sorry to hear about the bus, another blog maybe?……loved the bullet point blog great way to record the news looked like a beautiful day in Bournemouth great photos

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