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The Curious Case of Number 11

I ordered something from Amazon a few days ago.  This morning I got an email that it had been shipped and would be here by Thursday. Then I got another email that it was out for delivery.

It came to 3:30 and time to leave for sailing (early due to the dark nights) and I didn’t have a parcel.  I knew it wouldn’t fit through the letter box but I wasn’t desperate for it so if it ended up back ats the depot it wasn’t a big deal.  Off we went on the off chance we could have a sail and I put it out of my mind.

Usually I don’t have my phone connected to the net when I’m out as it drains the battery and I dont feel the need to be online all the time.  But there was basically no wind and sometimes they send emails calling it off (to be honest there was so little wind I didn’t see the point but knew one of the guys I share a lift with would want to go see so thought why not).  So I had my phone online and my emails set to sync.

We got to the hill down to the reservoir.  You can see it at that point and it was so flat it looked like a mirror.  Nothing was moving.  We got to the reservoir and one of the other girls who does sailability was on the water but wasn’t moving. A kids session runs at the same time and none of them were moving either apart from one randomly swimming and the safety boat heading over to tell him that’s against the rules.

So we had a chat with a couple of others (none of us got out of the car) and then we decided to go home.  And as we’re almost home my phone beeped with an email.

Amazon Logisitics

My parcel had been delivered to my neighbour, Lucas at number 11.


  • I don’t live anywhere near 11 (number wise).
  • I don’t even know where 11 is
  • I’m 95% sure my road is even numbers only.
  • I don’t know anyone called Lucas who lives near me.
  • And most people use their back doors only due to where the car park is and there are steps down into the majority of the back gardens.

So it’s fair to say I was thinking that this wasn’t going to go well and getting my parcel back was going to prove tricky.  I suspected they’d delivered Lucas a parcel of his own and just given him mine too without trying someone closer. Maybe they hadn’t even tried to give it to me. I decided when I got back I’d get in my powerchair and do a lap of my road and if I couldn’t locate 11 (as seemed likely) or I could but couldn’t get to it I’d call customer services.  It’s one of those things that’s an issue when you’re disabled that no one else ever thinks of.

My friend helped me carry my sailing bag back round to my front door and there was a bright orange “sorry we missed you” card on the floor. I ignored it, I knew where my parcel was.  Lucas (whoever he is) at 11 (wherever that is) had it.  But my friend, knowing me and knowing that’s what I’d do grabbed it and read it.  And seeing it said “parcel behind bin” she pulled that out for me too and handed it to me.

So it would appear that “Lucas at number 11” is no more than an autocorrect fail.  It’s either that or he’s a little tiny hobbit living in a secret flat behind my bins.

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