Readathon October 2016

Morning, morning

Feels like forever since I’ve updated my blog. I keep starting posts but then changing my mind or not having time to finish it. I have two versions of the same post in drafts, neither likely to ever see the light of day.  Mostly it’s been a stressful few weeks and I’ve been trying not to whinge too much on my blog as at least one of the people who have caused that stress sometimes reads my blog.  I have been whinging a lot on the phone to certain friends and also on twitter though.

I’ve also started a new 101 in 1001 list (I think I may have already mentioned that but I’ve decided not to post the full list online).  This time round I still have the big major wow goals but I also seem to have included substantially more lower key or even self-care goals.  One of the goals I’ve got on there is to dedicate one day a month to reading for a year.  As today is Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon (it starts at 1 my time I think) I thought today would be a good day to start that goal.

I’m still not reading anywhere near as much as I used to or I’d like to be but since the beginning of the month I have listened to two audiobooks so that’s good.  I really enjoyed them too.

I will be back later to update throughout the day with my readathon progress but for now why not go over to the readathon site and read the warm up post I wrote – Tips for When You’re Down and Out.

Update 14:18 The readathon is just over an hour old and I’ve listened to an hour of my audiobook – The Last Summer by Judith Kinghorn.  I’m enjoying it so far, it’s about a girl from a rich family who falls in love with the son of one of the servants and is set just before the start of World War One. The premise seemed a little cliche but actually it’s anything but and I’m glad I chose it.  It sort of puts me in mind of Downton Abbey but has much less to do with the actual servants.

Time for a break for lunch now.

Update 16:01 Three hours into the readathon and I’ve listened to another 35 minutes of my audiobook. I’m still enjoying it and I’m pleased because I’ve nearly hit my audiobook goal for the day (I wanted to try and listen for at least two hours) but I think I’ll leave it for a while now.  A quick break to sort some washing out and then if you need me I’ll be curled up under a blanket with a glass of cranberry juice and my kindle.

Update 19:54 After I wrote my last update I took my kindle and went to bed to read. But I only managed to read about 5% of Star Trek Prey: Hell’s Heart by John Jackson Miller before my tiredness over took me and I drifted off for an hour or so. Shouldn’t have gone to bed! I listened to a bit more audiobook after I got back up and I’m up to 1 hour 50 minutes of listening.  I was getting pretty disheartened at that point about my progress as I had little motivation for actual reading and beginnning to think I’d make this an audiobook only readathon but decided to put the dinner on and pick up Matilda by Roald Dahl (preparation for going to see the musical this week).  I ended up reading that cover to cover in a stupidly quick timeand loving it.  I was a bit surprised by how much I’d forgotten and rereading it I can see why one of my friends really doesn’t like Roald Dahl’s books.

I’m taking a break to eat and I’m not sure what’s next. I might reread The BFG, I might read more of the Star Trek book I started or I might pick something else up.  I’ll definitely listen to at least a little more of The Last Summer so I can hit that 2 hour goal.

Update 23:05 I hit my 2 hour goal for listening to an audiobook – in fact I’ve now listened to 2 hours 30 minutes. That’s probably it for audiobooks. I may put it on when I’m in bed but it depends how soon I go to bed and how tired I am.  And then I read all of Comfort and Joy by Cathy Bramley which is a Christmas e-novella in her Plumberry School of Comfort Food universe. I liked going back to Plumberry and I hope she writes more with those characters.  According to amazon that has 120 pages.  I put some Christmas music on in the background while reading that and had myself an Archers too. It was a lovely way to spend an hour or so.

Update Sunday 10:58 am Usually when I wake up before 9 on a weekend I try to go back to sleep (especially when I didn’t go to bed until gone 1) but I woke at 8:20 and stayed awake. Since then I’ve listened to 38 minutes of The Last Summer audiobook(or another 3 chapters) and read another 16% of Prey. I’ve read 21% of that now.  It’s worth noting that I listen to my audiobooks at either 1.25 or 1.5 speed so I’ve listened to more of the story that the hours I’ve listened for)

I know there are two hours left of the readathon but I think I’m done because I want to go out.  Later I want to do some crafts so I’ll probably put the audiobook on in the background and I anticipate finishing Prey.


3 hours 08 minutes of audiobook

2 books 350 pages

1 partial book – 21%

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  1. Interesting, Emma, thank you. I’m not so fond of Roald Dahl either, but I do LOVE Matilda. ♥ Are you still getting some sailing in, or is that finished for the season? All the best

    Fran xxx

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