Random Bullet Points of Life

A blog for the small things worth recording but maybe not worth an entry of their own. And this edition has the bonus of being written in the time it takes for the oven to heat up for me (oh so late) dinner.

  • It took a visit from an NHS wheelchair tech (not my regular one), an adjustment by my Dad and a visit from my regular NHS wheelchair tech to get the manual working again. It was fixed after the first visit but the fill in tech didn’t reattach it in the correct place so it wasn’t useable. Dad would have left it but I needed to go somewhere I could only go in the manual and his adjustment got me moving again temporarily.
  • I’ve ordered an Action4 manual wheelchair to have as a spare. In white. I’m very excited about that colour choice but Mum was very bemused which was hilarious.
  • Related: holy fuck wheelchair parts are expensive. When I was sorting out the action4 order I said I didn’t want to get my seating adjustments/extras as it’s just a spare. They suggested I could get a set of brackets fitted and then use the backrest from my old powerchair on it. This was a great idea until I heard how much the brackets were.
  • After not really reading much for the last few weeks (or this year really) I read over half a book in a sitting this afternoon.
  • I have experienced so much ableism over the last few days it’s ridiculous. It’s almost like I had one experience and it bred another and another sort of like tribbles? I’ve been trying and failing to write about that.
  • I am apparently not doing NaNo this year but I really want to be.
  • There has been so much death and sad news this year. Some closer than others, some unexpected and some not. It’s getting a bit much.
  • My brother and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on Friday. It was very good and I highly recommend it.

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  1. On your recommendation just watched the review of ‘Fantastic Beasts….was conscious of my heart beat (this is a rare occurrence). Good timing on the writing of your blog I must try that some time

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