A brief update

I swear I’m not giving up blogging but it does seem more and more like I am with how rarely I’m updating at the moment. I would write about my  plans for this blog and how I want to write more.  But as true as that is writing it doesn’t make me actually follow through on that plan. I do miss blogging but I miss the olden days of blogging (Diaryland and my first year or two on wordpress) more than I miss what blogging is now. It was more anonymous and more of a community and just nicer.  Not to say there aren’t positives to what blogging is now. It’s jut different in a way that isn’t good or bad.    

Things are oh so slowly improving. I haven’t missed a single dose of Citalopram since I started it and suddenly realised on Monday just how much my anxiety has improved. It’s not a crushing overwhelming feeling of things being too much any more.  In fact whilst I do still remember how it felt, it’s almost like the details are fading away making it harder to describe as it becomes less of a daily occurance. The depression side of things still isn’t great but I still need a few more weeks for the full dose to have completely kicked in really. And I am in a difficult situation that’s hard to resolve (a tale for another day) which is likely influencing that.  

And most importantly, I’m reading regularly again. If ever there was a sign that things are improving it’s that. And that makes me      happy!

Random Bullet Points of Life

For the little things worth recording but perhaps not worth a whole blog to themselves.

  • I’ve been on Citalopram for four weeks now. It’s working although perhaps not as good as it could.
  • I have high levels of spasticity right now which may or may not be due to the Citalopram. Certain other SSRIs have made it worse in the past so who knows?
  • The sailing season has started but at the moment I’m not able to sail. We need to resolve a situation before that can happen and it’s proving tricky.
  • Last week I went to see Billy Elliot the Musical with Rach.  It was really, really good.
  • My powerchair eventually got fixed quickly and easily but the mileage got partially reset when they did it which was weird.
  • Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work at CAB helping people with mandatory reconsideration and/or appeals of benefit decisions. I’ve found that I quite like it because there’s a process and it’s often clear but I’m not sure I should like it.
  • I went to see Beauty and the Beast on Saturday. I liked it but think I prefer Disney cartoons to live action. I heard something about a live action remake of Aladdin. I consider this a travesty (but wouldn’t say no to going to the musical)
  • At the moment I’m listening to a lot of audiobooks and crocheting squares. Currently my audiobook is The Stranger In My House by Adele Parks. It’s good but it’s based on a ridiculous premise that would never happen.