Random Bullet Points of Life

Random bullet points of life are for the little things worth recording but probably not in need of an entry to themselves. I actually think several of these should have an entry to themselves but in the interest of catching up a bit and not forgetting things this will do.

+It’s so long since I wrote a blog update! Lots of thoughts about blogging lately and probably some stuff to write about it but not today.

+ My new manual wheelchair has been a bit of a disaster. I couldn’t use it at all for the first two weeks I had it as it wasn’t safe. It’s still not as safe as it ought to be and it’s horrible to use. I’m going back to clinic next week but I suspect the outcome won’t be brilliant.

+ I’ve had my Jive (powerchair) for a year now! I did 1069 miles in the first year and wore a pair of tyres out.

+ I got my chair serviced and the tyres changed and then two days later (after the tech who did the service gave me a sheet of paper on which he’s put the results of the service and written “chair working well”) I went to Reading and part way round I thought “something isn’t right.” Got home and discovered one of the castors was fucked. And panicked because it was the one that broke earlier in the year and that took forever for parts. But the tech came back straight away and it turned out it was just a bolt that had sheared.

+ I then had the tech out again a few days later because I didn’t think it felt right. I sent the company a video and they had a play with their chairs and a couple of others and looking at those and my video they thought it was fine but insisted on coming back to be sure. It was fine.

+ Having not seen my Mum’s family since my sister’s wedding in 2015 or my Dad’s family since last year I got to see both within a week. It was a lot of fun.

+ Talking of things that haven’t happened since 2015, I had a UTI. But bizarrely three days of twice daily antibiotics did the trick. I really didn’t expect that as it was a low dose short course and my history suggest I need more than that.

+ I am still not able to go sailing. Goal posts have moved on that a couple of times and whilst I agree things needed looking at for safety sake it was all badly handled. I told them that I won’t be going back this season and only may go back next season. At the moment I don’t expect to go back at all but never say never.

+ The paraathletics we went to see in London was very interesting. We saw a lot and I enjoyed it but I think I enjoy team sports more because they tend to have more of an atmosphere and I really like the atmosphere.

+ I’ve been looking into the possibility of going to watch the wheelchair tennis at Wimbledon next year but that may be tricky because you book for Wimbledon and get what you get. We can’t guarantee getting into any of the wheelchair tennis which is brilliant from an inclusion point of view but also a bit of a shame because I’m much more interested in seeing the paraathletes play than any other games.

+ I had a week off and went to Birmingham twice (to see a uni friend and go hunting for some of the art in the wild Big Sleuth trail and then to see Miss Saigon with another friend) and to Bletchley Park. I met friends there and really enjoyed it. It was a very long journey though although relatively easy. It was just a bit gutting when my friends who’ve recently moved away from Oxfordshire and are much closer now said it would take them 20 minutes to get home and it was going to take me 3 hours!


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