Ticking Along

Things are ticking along slowly.

For so long I struggled to read but that suddenly kicked in and now I’ve read more both in actual books and in pages read than I did in the whole of last year.

Then I was struggling to crochet or knit. Until I spent an afternoon at my parent’s house a couple of weeks ago while my flat was being painted. Mum made me stop talking about the project I wanted to do and actually make a start on it. Then the next day she asked if I’d done more and when I said no told me to do some and then send her a photo as proof. That was two weeks ago and I’ve worked on it everyday apart from one. It’s half finished and the second half will take a lot longer (done in rounds and each is larger than the last) but I’m pleased with it and it’ll get there.

I haven’t been reading as much whilst I’ve been crocheting as it kind of feels like I maybe don’t have the concentration to do both – I’m spending a lot of time online and needing it (or was until I broke my ipad yesterday) – but equally that could simply be because I picked up a book I’ve been really keen to read having loved another by the author and heard good things and it’s OK but I’m not as enamoured as I expected which is a little disappointing.

The really big thing that I want to be doing but aren’t is writing. I did write about 100 words of one of the many pieces I have in mind earlier whilst waiting for the wheelchair tech but then deleted the lot because it just felt clunky and wrong. I’ve since thought about it (whilst crocheting, I swear some of my best writing moments are when I’m nto writing) and I think I took the wrong tack. It’s not unusual for me to end up deleting a first attempt completely.

And I went back to the wheelchair clinic and they sorted my chair out. So that’s a major stress sorted out and everything else is sort of ticking along even if it’s not good.

There used to be a TV show (or maybe there still is, I never really watched it) called Modern Life is Good Ish. And that feels like (if you take the modern away) a good way to describe things right now.

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