Happy New Year!

Once again I’m here as the year ends with the thought that I’ve not blogged much this year.


2017 on the face of it should be ending with a comment about it having been a better year – certainly there have been far fewer deaths and no real personal crises. Or at least not the major wheelchair related ones there were in 2016. But, mostly thanks to depression it has been a tough year.


I said to my GP a while ago that I thought being back on antidepressants was helping but that circumstances weren’t. More than half of this year was spent with one major situation needing to be resolved but my disability made that impossible. In the end I walked away. And currently I’m battling systemic ableism in a way that is making my depression worse. But that’s another story. I will say that this year being disabled has caused problems in a way it hasn’t for many years.  And sadly I know I’m not alone in that with society and public services being the way they are.


That’s not to say this year has been all bad. I finally went to Bletchley Park after many years of wanting to and loved it. The Harry Potter exhibit at the British Library was incredible. Yesterday  we had a fine dining meal at Newbury Racecourse for Dad’s birthday.  Dad and I also went racing at Ascot in October. We went to a lot of shows, most were good, some were amazing and one or two were terrible. I saw all my extended family this year, spent time with friends and drank some yummy cocktails.


Happy New Year to everyone reading this!

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