Random Acts of Kindness Part 1 by Victoria Walters

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of Random Acts of Kindness Part 1 by Victoria Walters in exchange for this review.

This book is being serialised in 4 parts coming out roughly every two months. Part 1 came out in December, Part 2 has just been released (never let it be said I do things in a timely manner), part 3 will be out in April and part 4 in June.  I enjoyed part 1 and am looking forward to reading part 2 tomorrow. I’m disappointed to have such a long wait for the final two parts because I can’t wait to read them!

Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart. Abbie has fled London and the humiliation of not being able to make rent after being made redundant. Louise, seriously unlucky in love, has thrown herself into her career at the local hospital. And Eszter, who has travelled from Hungary with her daughter, Zoe, hopes to reach out to the mother-in-law she never met while her husband was still alive…

Can a little bit of kindness really change your life? Three very different women are about to find out…

This book had pretty much everything that I love in a book in it. A fresh start, a secret or two, friendships, family, a challenge and even cake. The characters were brilliant and within a few pages it was already becoming clear that I was really going to like them and enjoy this book. It made me laugh and smile and left me with a happy feeling when I finished it. It also surprised me in several places and I’m very keen to read part 2 and see what happens next – I’m not sure I want to guess because I’m pretty sure I’d get it wrong.

One thing that Random Acts of Kindness had was a big sense of community spirit and I loved the way everyone reached out and helped those who need it, even if they didn’t know them. Life would probably be a lot better for many people if the real world worked like that.  I read most of it sitting in my favourite coffee shop with a piece of shortbread (one of the staff commented that I’m a bit addicted to their shortbread. She’s not wrong.) but I did kinda wish it was some of the cake from Brew, the coffee shop in the book because that sounded yummy.  It was a cosy and warm read and the perfect way to fill this gray, damp February day.

I can’t think of a better book to be my first review of 2018 and I’ll be reading the remaining parts of publication day and looking out for more from Victoria Walters.

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