Random Bullet Points of Life

For the little things worth mentioning but perhaps not worth an entry of their own

  • For several months (maybe 8) I’ve been involved in doing social media for CAB. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it but I do find the twitter feed of who the account is following very interesting. I keep thinking I need to add some of those people to my own personal feed. Also looking at the feed is a bit of an example of how not to do twitter – whoever set the account up followed three local newspapers. All three will tweet the same story at the same time so it shows up one above the other in the feed.
  • Yes, I am aware that CAB stopped being called CAB some years ago and is now just Citizens Advice. Some names die hard. Particularly on blogs where I can’t be arsed to type the whole thing.
  • I am writing fanfic again! The last time I remember doing that is 2004. I’ve spent a lot of time since then saying I’m going to do it but not and I’m horrified to realise it’s been so long It’s not online yet and won’t be for a few months.
  • I’m doing a lot of crochet at the moment. Squares for Woolly Hugs and a blanket that started off being for Woolly Hugs but now may be for me.
  • We went to two comedy gigs last week. Rob Newman was good and managed to make a topic I know little about – Philosophy – really funny.  Shappi Khorsandi was crap but marginally less crap than the last time we saw her (she brought two warm up acts – her son, who is maybe 12, and her brother). Of course all she had to do to be better than the first time we saw her was remember her set so the bar wasn’t set very high.
  • We’re working on Tenants Times right now. Which probably explains my current obsession with where I should and shouldn’t use commas in my writing. And the amount of time I lost to the fact that a sentence in a book (one sentence!) would make a lot more sense with a comma in it.

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