Snow Days No More

I started writing a blog post on Thursday about how it was a snow day and what I was doing (mostly crochet and audiobook that day) but then my carer came and I saved it to drafts and never went back to it. And now it’s Sunday and it’s finally snow free and I’m out of the house for the first time since Wednesday. So this entry is now snow days no more.

If memory serves there were no stuck in the house due to snow days last year. Which is good. I think maybe I coped better this time to previous snowbound times. I don’t know why that is. It might be the fact that I panic shopped a lot in the days before. It might be the fact I made a conscious effort most days to not be on the Internet for the whole day without a break (crochet and audiobooks featured heavily most days but mum also came round yesterday and helped me have a sort out). Or it could just be having a carer in twice a day meaning I saw people – I’d like to think that’s not it but it could play a part.

It’s just damned annoying that I ended up missing two shows due to the snow and am now out and about again with nothing big planned for this week. But such is life.

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