Blogging and Blogtober

I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately (and about writing in general). And I came to many conclusions, the main one of which was I don’t want to stop blogging. So I decided that I would take part in #Blogtober this month (blogging everyday) because if that doesn’t help me find my love for blogging again, nothing will.

(One of these days I’m going to look back and see how many times I’ve shared similar thoughts on here in the last three or so years. Probably an embarrassing number of times).

My bio on Facebook describes me as “writer, blogger, reader, adviser, crafter, reviewer, wheelchair user, advocate, crip.” I haven’t really updated it for a few years (only to remove “sailor” when I stopped sailing last year). One or two of those words no longer really describe me. But blogger still does.

My twitter bio is “blowing people’s minds just by existing since 1981.” And that’s definitely still true.

It’s annoying that it’s 2018 and the simple act of living a life in a wheelchair is seen by many as shocking and amazing but it is. I think probably that’s part of what’s good about blogging for me – it gives me a place to show my reality of living my life and try to change attitudes (within my boundaries) but it also gives me a space to vent when I need it.

But this month (and this blog) isn’t all going to be about disability, I have other things (books, crafts etc) I want to blog about too.

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