Last night Mum and I went to see Hal Cruttenden in his new show, Chubster. Apparently he asked his teenage daughters to name his show and that was what they choose.

Hal himself was pretty good, loved his show. It’s the second time we’ve seen him and if he came back here in a year or two we’d probably go again. It was fun and went on for longer than it should have because he was clearly enjoying himself. Plus, seeing him dance to Let It Go from Frozen when he came on was hilarious.

He had a warm up act whose name I’ve forgotten (and googling isn’t finding). He was patchy. Some of his jokes were ok, a few were funny and several were rubbish. I’d say we wouldn’t go to him again but due to not knowing his name that might be tricky. I think we’re getting to the point that our hearts sink a little when we see there will be a previously unannounced warm up act. But this guy was better than the idiot who warmed up for Katherine Ryan a few years ago (whose name I have also forgotten). And it was definitely worth sitting through him to see Hal.

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