An update on Blogtober

My attempts to do Blogtober, were I said, going to be kill or cure for this blog that I keep almost abandoning, then trying to resurrect only to practically abandon it again. And actually they are going pretty well.

I have several ideas for blogs but sometimes I don’t have time to write them. That’s the problem today. There’s been a few tiny niggles. Insignificant in the grand scheme of things but time consuming and a little bit mentally draining.

And as much as I planned to write a post about Frida Kahlo and disability, another one about disabled characters in books and possible one with some writing thoughts, my main thought when it came to blogging tonight was “oh god, I need to write a blog.”

So that’s how Blogtober is going. I’m glad to be blogging again and I’m mostly enjoying it. But today I’m not. And that’s ok.

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