Random Bullet Points of Life

For the little things that need recording

  • At the moment I am starting a lot of crochet but not finishing much of it!
  • This week I am going to try to start using my manual chair in the house again.
  • My care package has been in place for so long now that I have little “remember when…” anecdotes which a couple of the carers.
  • I am pleased with the writing I’ve been working on lately but am in need of a new project and have multiple vague ideas.
  • Yesterday was Henry’s birthday. I enjoyed seeing him tear around at his party but just watching was exhausting.
  • Mum and I went to hobbycraft this week. Shockingly I didn’t buy yarn.
  • I went to a play called Re:Production this week. I only went because I could get free tickets (and got them on the day) but it was pretty good. It was a nice, enjoyable, spur of the moment treat.

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