All things bookish (@readathon October 2018)

Firstly, for those wondering about Blogtober (daily blogging in October) the story goes: got a bit depressed, some stressful stuff happened, got more depressed, sorted some of the stressful stuff, got a nasty ear infection that’s still gungy and sore (and probably goes someway to explaining my low mood) and then it’s today.

It’s the readathon today! I’m aiming low and hoping to finish one book (not sure what yet) and listen to a chunk of an audiobook. I also have a couple of books of essays/short stories so I might dip into those too. Well, that’s my sensible goal. My not so sensible head would like to finish two books.

I just downloaded Killing Commandatore by Haruki Murakami on audiobook first thing. I’ve already started listening as I prefer to start the readathon as soon as I’m up. It’s so good so far. I think Murakami (particularly on audiobook) is almost a readathon tradition for me, he’s certainly featured a lot over the years.

Update 14:44 I’ve read the first 250 ish pages of The Queen of Wishful Thinking by Milly Johnson. It’s a fun book which I’m enjoying more than I expected. I used to love her books but then a few years ago I really went off of them after one had a ridiculous plot twist involving a disabled character. I’m glad this one is back on form.

I also listened to a few more minutes of Killing Commandatore. I’ve listened for about 45 minutes since 9 this morning.

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