At the moment (1st Feb 19)

A week in the life of an Emma…

We had the CAB post-Christmas, Christmas social on Tuesday. We went to a local hotel/restaurant. It was very nice and I had lovely beef. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go with family or friends as there is a step between the restaurant and where the loos are in the hotel reception – we had a private room for our social. It was a smaller social than usual but that was good because with that and being in a private room we were able to be all around one table and quiet enough to just have one conversation with the whole group most of the time. I don’t remember there being one like that before but I liked it.

I went to Didcot Access Group on Wednesday. It’s the second time I’ve been since rejoining (I was part of it when it was in quite a different form just after I left uni – I think it’s more than 10 years since I left). I’m not sure about it as my priorities seems to be different to the group but think I’ll keep going. I’d had a bit of a rubbish morning before going there so that was probably colouring my reaction to it.

There is snow! Lots of snow and more coming down as I write this. So I won’t be going out today and frankly at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if I was stuck here all weekend.

The OT I saw last year is due out just after lunch to reassess if the equipment he got me (monkey pole) has helped. The answer is no because it isn’t safe. However I am surprised he hasn’t called to cancel due to the weather.

In January I wrote 15,392 words. That includes fiction, blogs, everything. It is substantially fewer than my ridiculous goal for the year says I should have hit in January to be in track but I’m really pleased – and I always knew that I may have to reassess that goal. I plan to keep aiming for that in February and reassess at the beginning of March.

I read 8 books in January. I also started but didn’t finish 5 books – I’m still reading 2 of those and may or may not go back to the other 3.

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