At the moment (9th Feb)h

It’s been quite a week…

I am having a writing binge day. I’m actually up a bit earlier than normal and writing the beginning of this entry before going to get showered and dressed.

I’ve not written anything for a few days due to being too busy and then too tired. I got a really lovely compliment about my writing from one of my favourite authors yesterday so I am inspired today!

It’s been a good, but very exhausting, week. I spent Wednesday and Thursday in London so I could attend the Spring Blogger Evening at Simon and Schuster. It’s fair to say I packed it in around that, going to Canary Wharf and the Oxo Gallery on Weds. then on Thurs I met up with a friend we did quick visits to the British Library, House of Illustration and Tate Modern. There’s a reason I almost missed my train home!

You’d think given that I was on the train to Waterloo and back this week (roughly two hours each way) I would have got lots of reading done. I have got very little reading done this week. A fair chunk of audiobook – I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith – and a bit of a book I got for Christmas – The Year That Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly – is all I did. The Waterloo and back train often sees me read a whole book but I was mostly on my iPad this time.

Mum took advantage of my not being around and blitzed my flat. It looks a lot better!

Yesterday the OT came to see how I’m getting on with the monkey pole he got me. Answer: not very well, it’s not safe. He moved it and thinks it might be safer now but didn’t want to see me using it to position and spoiler: it’s not. But he agrees with my thoughts on what might work better and is going to look into it. I had wanted a second bed leaver like I have now but on the other side of my bed. Unfortunately the design of itt makes that impossible (I had forgotten about part of it because you can’ see it on he one I use now due to furniture layout)

I abandoned writing this part way thru to go and get showered and dressed but I was ready slightly early so I came back to it and it’s beginning to look like I might get this finished (but not posted) before she comes.

edit, later: this was finished before the carer came but it did take a few hours to post it

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