At the moment – 22nd Feb 19

It’s been a frustrating week but I think (hope) it’s all about to come good.

The work for my bathroom did actually drag into a second week and all the way until today. They couldn’t lay the floor on Friday because it wasn’t dry, came back Monday and it still wasn’t dry plus there was obvious water where there shouldn’t have been (given I’d not been able to use the shower). At which point they discovered the reason I’ve had so many problems with my shower is because at some point in the work last year someone drilled into a waste pipe. So that had to be fixed and some of the work redone. But it’s done and I have a new floor and new paint and the guy whose done most of the work went to get them bacon sandwiches this morning and got me one too so it’s all good.

I saw a carer this morning who I hadn’t seen for a few months and she was impressed or even shocked when she saw how much better my legs look, particularly my left. Mum said similar last week when we went to Cornerstone so I could borrow their level access shower. I’m trying not to get too excited about that because the nature of lymphoedema means it will soon change again. 

Last weekend I went with my brother and his family to a play of the Giant Jam Sandwich which is a book we all love. Ben had it when he was a child (it was his favourite) and I bought it for Henry for his very first Christmas when he was just over two months old. It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it, especially Henry. As he also loved the kids play Mum and I took him too last year I think we might need to start a tradition.

My writer’s group put on a feedback evening last night and I read the first 500 or so words of a novel I started writing a few years ago. I’ve been picking at the idea again recently so might start rewriting it. The feedback was useful but I haven’t decided what to do about the novel.

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