The Life and Times of Emma

I seem to have accidentally abandoned my blog again over the last two months. I didn’t intend to do that but life seemed to get in the way rather and it stopped me doing what I planned (the changes to this I talked about last time).

And I’ve been thinking for a few weeks that I should write something here but not doing it. Then yesterday my diaryland days popped into my mind. Those were my uni years and a year or two after (from the end of 2000 until early 2006 ish) I think when I use to post something most days. Often just simple and what I’d been up to. A fair amount of that is lost now which I regret.

Sometimes I look back at what is still available. Some of it makes me cringe with how banal it is (an exact list of what I bought in co-op isn’t something anyone wants to read!) and some of it makes me wonder at how naive I was (because I never, never mentioned the town I grew up in or my surname because that wasn’t seen as safe in those days. But I did post which uni I was at and the exact hall of residence I lived in…). But it’s a record of who I was then and what I was doing/seeing/thinking. A lot of which I read and think “I forgot that…”

When I first moved my blog to wordpress I called it The Life and Times of Emma. It was a pretty apt name as it was a record, an outlet for me and even (as much as I hate it) an inadvertent awareness raising tool. It’s moved away from that with the introduction of book blogging and with blogging as a whole no longer being anonymous. Sometimes I censor myself because I don’t want to deal with other people’s reactions to my experiences. And I miss what my writing, my blogging was before all of that.

I miss having that record of my life, my history the most. And I was thinking last night that I should start writing that again. I’m going to try to do so more. I don’t know whether I’ll do that here or offline but I want a record again.

So I suppose I should start that record now with what life’s been like over the last two or so months.

Unexpected would be a good word. The phrase “life’s what happens when you’re busy making other plans” definitely applies.

My wheelchair broke the day I wrote my last entry. It ended up being in the workshop for exactly a month and costing over a grand to repair (that included replacement tyres and castors but still it was a pricey break.) After about 5 days they got me a loan chair. I coped much better than expected just having my manual for a few days (and then having to mostly use my manual in the house because the loan chair was a poor fit) but I was rather limited until I got my own chair back.

I have a new nephew! His name is Rafe and he was one month old yesterday. He was born the same day I got my powerchair back so it was basically the best day ever. He is super cute and everyone is doing well. I learned how to do c2c crochet and made him a rainbow blanket. I can see myself doing a lot of c2c as I liked it a lot (a bit like when I learned to do Granny Squares when I made Henry’s baby blanket).

I have been to London twice. Once over night to go to the world paraswimming championships when I also went to for a big wander and to the orbit and the national gallery. And once last week for the day to go to this years Koestler Arts exhibition.

I have hired a motomed (physio bike) to have at home. I’m enjoying it.

In less positive news I had something happen to my thigh (we’re not sure what, possibly a bite) that then got a localised skin infection. That cleared up but I was left with a wound that was being described as “not a pressure sore but at high risk of becoming one” I was very scared of that and have been going to the nurse to have it dressed for the last four weeks. It has not turned into a pressure sore and is healing well so it’s much more positive than anticipated.

The other shitty news happening is a pest problem in the building in live in. That was as horrific as you might imagine and there was a concern my carers would need to stop coming. But we’re getting on top of it now so there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

And that’s the life and times of Emma over the last two months.

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