Project 365

I have started doing Project 365 over on Instagram this year. I’ve always known it as “take a photo a day, every day. Something you’ve done or seen (or someone” but I think there are some websites that give a daily prompt etc.

I’ve tried to do the project a few times in the past and failed. This is the longest in a year that I’ve got as far 16 days in I think. It’s actually not as easy to do as you might think. Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably easier to do the project if you live with someone (probably more so if it’s a child) or have a pet because then you always have something or someone to use or be inspired by.

Part of the problem is that I have this idea that the photos need to be interesting and not samey. But I’m coming round to the opposite idea – that actually it doesn’t matter, they just need to be something that’s relevant to that day. Because it’s a record for me, not for the others who might see or comment on the post.

There’s also an interesting side – I decided on Thursday that on Friday I would post a picture of the gym. My trainer took a picture of me using a cable machine and I posted it when I got home. Then my powerchair broke and I had to have an emergency tech visit (he thankfully was able to fix it.) and when I tried to go into town later on someone literally walked into me sideways on, fell over my chair and hit the ground hard. That left me shaken and the two events together meant it was a rubbish day. But if you saw the post you’d think it was good.

What I am really liking is the daily post aspect – the sentences I wrote describing my day or why I wrote that photo. I’ve written before about missing that part of old school blogging but I’m not sure I would keep doing it if I took away the daily photo aspect and moved it here.

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