The Times They Are A-Changin’

I always thought this year would be a bit of a year of change for me. I had talked to friends and my need to do less, in order to do more but I’m not sure I really wrote about that here. But in order to do that a few things were going to need to change.

And I’m less interested in some of the things I was doing and more interested in trying some new things – photography is taking more of a role in my life this year than it has before. When I was at uni (back in the days before digital cameras) I would often take my camera on a night out but then for years I rarely took photos apart from in the big moments. With my Project 365 and the photography course I’ve started it’s a daily focus in my life in a way it’s never been before. It’s not always easy as I wrote last week but it’s an interesting one.

My reading tastes have changed too. I’m enjoying books with a bit more to them than I have for a few years and I think I’m reading more consistently too. As a part of that I don’t think I’m going to be sharing book reviews here this year because I want to move more to reading what I want rather than what’s available to review. But I have been sharing everything I read on Instagram (Insta is featuring heavily in my life this year it seems) and I intend to continue. I’m not saying I’m giving up book blogging though. Mostly because it’s hard to step away from something I’ve done for what must be nearly 10 years. And the lure of NetGalley is hard to resist!

My role at CAB has changed a lot over the years; particularly over the last couple with the social media stuff I do for them and benefit appeals. We’ve discussed potential changes and decided no right now but if I’m honest I suspect it will continue to evolve and grow as time goes on.

But the biggest changes I’m now expecting to experience in my life this year are the ones I originally wasn’t expecting. I can’t talk about them because it’s just a big gaping whole of unknown that says “this is going to change” with no details. And I keep veering between scared and excited. But I guess that’s the whole point of change.

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