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Since I posted my previous bookish update I’ve finished two books. I received ARCs of both of them in exchange for a review (although with the second I’m months past the publication date). It’s fair to say that I’ve not been reading as much as I anticipated or would like during this period of quarantine. But I am reading more regularly than I was and I’m enjoying that.

First I read The Liberation of Brigid Dunne by Patricia Scanlan which is being published on 30th April here in the UK (I believe it’s already out in some other parts of the world). Patricia Scanlan is someone I read a lot of books by when I was in my late teens and early twenties. She was one of my go to authors and I would often take one on holiday with me. My friend Sarah and I would also post books we finished to each other and several Patricia Scanlan’s found their way between us. So as soon as I started reading The Liberation of Brigid Dunne lots of old memories came flooding back which was nice.

I really liked this book and it made me want to revisit those old favourite books but sadly I no longer have the majority of them. Sometimes when you return to an author you love the books are no longer as good but The Liberation of Brigid Dunne wasn’t one of those, it exceeded my already high expectations in fact. It really drew me in and kept me guessing. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened but also didn’t want it to end.

Next up was The Rise and Fall of Sadie McQueen by Juliet Ashton which was a bit of a hit and a miss for me. It was what I call an easy read. Enjoyable and relaxing, perfect for sitting in the sun this Easter weekend, particularly when the world outside is a little scary right now. But partway through it had a bit of a plot twist that threw me out of Sadie’s world and I had to put it down because it really jarred with me. I thought I might have to abandon it but because I’d read so much I picked it back up to read a couple more chapters and I did manage to get back into the story,. Overall I did like the book and the way it came together but I think I would have liked it more without that twist so I’m not recommending it as highly as I might otherwise.

In terms of other reading, I’m slowly listening to The White Tiger by Avarind Adiga in audiobook which I find interesting but I can only listen to short bits at a time. And I read part of Love In The Blitz by Eileen Alexander (I have an ARC) but as that is a collection of letters I expect to dip in and out of it over a few weeks rather than read it over a few days like I would with a fiction books.

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  1. I haven;t read any of the authors/books you’ve mentioned, but they all sound intriguing! Glad you enjoyed some reading and sunshine this weekend. We had a lovely day on Easter Sunday, and a big storm this morning that has now passed and left more sunshine!

    Enjoy your books this week – hope you get more reading time this week!


    Book By Book

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