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It’s been slightly more than a week this time (my intention is to post these every Monday but I’m not always good at following through on what I intend to do) because I wasn’t doing a lot of reading so on Monday I didn’t have a lot to write. I had a week’s free trial of Disney Plus so that filled a lot of my time last week. I haven’t kept the trial but will probably get it again for a month or two at some point as well I think there’s not a lot I’d watch regularly there are a fair few more films I’d like to see (I had originally signed up for the year and the trial wouldn’t let me change it to monthly).

I read two books in the last ten days or so and I’ve listened to a bit more of The White Tiger audiobook. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish that audiobook or not. I might put it aside for a while and listen to something else.

Both of the books I read I have ARCs of in exchange for a review.

Escape to the French Farmhohuse by Jo Thomas was first up. This is being published in paperback on 7th May and in paperback in August according to Amazon. I was late to a zoom drinks thing because I was two chapters from finishing it and couldn’t put it down! It’s the second or third book by Jo Thomas I’ve read and she is fast becoming one of my go to authors for relaxing escapism. I definitely need to explore her backlist books and see what I’ve missed!

Escape to the French Farmhouse is set on a lavender farm and I could really picture it from the descriptions. I had a squirt of lavender spray while I was reading it to help with the mood. Such a great setting. I really enjoyed it but with all the current social distancing we have at the moment all the French characters double kissing when they met felt uncomfortable (but to be fair I’ve never been a huge fan of hugging and kissing someone every time you meet anyway).

Second up was A Wedding at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry. I was so happy not to have to wait until this is published at the end of May to read it. I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve read by Veronica Henry but I really love her Beach Hut books and this didn’t disappoint. In fact I think it might be my favourite of hers.

This was the perfect mix of substance, a few surprises, and a chance to forget about the outside world. Something that’s really needed at the moment! I particularly liked the fact that sometimes what I thought would happen didn’t. It made me dream of the seaside and hope I can get to the coast one day this summer.

One day I hope Veronica Henry writes another Beach Hut book revisiting all the various characters from the different books (they are same setting, different characters books) because I’ve loved them all. And Robyn and Jake from A Wedding at the Beach Hut would be my number one for a revisit!

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