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I feel like it’s been a bit of a slow lethargic week or two – I wasn’t well for a few days last week with an ear infection – but looking at my list of what I’ve been reading since I last updated (and adding in that I’ve written a bit and almost made an entire hat) I think that might just be me being a bit hard on myself.

So what have I been reading in the last two or so weeks since I updated? A fair amount. I’ve started and not progressed with a few books but here’s what I have finished.

First up was The Spanish Promise by Karen Swan. That’s the second book of hers I’ve read and I will read more but probably not immediately. It was fab. I must say it was a much twistier book than I expected, so much so that I almost felt like I needed to read the end a second time to appreciate it properly.

Then I read A Postcard from Italy by Alexandra Brown. It combined a touch of historical fiction with travel and chicklit and I thought it well done. There was one disability related trope in the book which I thought unnecessary, poorly done and disappointing so as much as I liked it until that point I struggle to recommend it. And years later, I am still disappointed that Alexandra Brown has never revisited the characters from The Great Christmas Knit Off.

This was the point in my reading that I began to feel really rather fed up of chicklit. Although looking at what I read next I don’t seem to have done a brilliant job at escaping from it immediately (the two books I’m reading now are anything but chicklit but I’ve not finished them so they will be listed next time).

Darling Blue by Tracy Rees was a definite winner for me. It’s a longer read (and it was really nice to get my teeth into a longer book), historical and almost a saga. I had been expecting it to be more of a historical read based on having read two of her other books (and having a third on my shelf) but it was actually the exact amount of historical for the story Tracy Rees was telling.

I was really excited when I went to list this as read on goodreads to see two Tracy Rees books I didn’t know about. It actually turns out one of them was Darling Blue republished under a different title (The Love Note). But the other book is a new one and it feel into my basket when I ordered my mum’s birthday present. I’m looking forward to reading more of Tracy Rees writing soon ish.

Although the title suggests this is a book set in Venice, the last book I have to write about today, From Venice with Love by Rosanna Ley takes place in several settings. It’s a good read and we do visit Venice but this is not the book for you if you want one set solely in Venice (Or even Italy). I found it to be a good book and it kept me guessing (although I did figure one thing out). But having read the majority of Rosanna Ley’s previous books, I definitely enjoyed earlier ones more.

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