“But what do you do in a crisis?”

I am something of a fussy eater. Much better than I used to be but still not great.

Two things I don’t like are tea and coffee. It doesn’t bother me, I’m more than happy to go to a meeting and drink water or get a coke or some juice in a coffee shop or whatever. It’s probably one of the least problematic of my dislikes. Because you just order something else. But it’s also a dislike that a lot of people find hard to get their head around. Why don’t I like it? I just don’t.

Years ago, someone I volunteered with went to get herself a tea and she asked me about not drinking tea. In all seriousness she asked me, “If you don’t drink tea, what do you do in a crisis?” Because whenever anyone came to her with a problem, the first thing she did was put the kettle on. It was something concrete to fall back on.

I can’t remember what I answered and how the conversation went on. I just remember finding the whole thing a bit of a non issue. If someone came to me with a crisis, I’d just help them deal with it to the best of my ability. And if a drink were required, I find alcohol much better in those circumstances than hot drinks.

A couple of people have been in touch over the last few weeks with crises. Thankfully, not corona related but still scary and unsettling for them.

And it made me think about conversation again. She’s no longer part of that organisation and we were never friends outside of it so have lost touch. If we were in touch however I could give her a much better answer.

It turns out, the first thing I do when dealing with a crisis is reach for my crochet hooks.

Because tea lasts a few minutes. Crochet is forever.

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