I’m really good at starting things…

But rubbish at finishing them. I’m also good at saying I’m going to do stuff but not actually doing it. Those are things I don’t like about myself and they seem to have spread to my blog.

About two weeks ago was the three year anniversary of when I started wearing compression. I started writing a blog about it that morning, ran out of time to finish it and planned to return that evening. Then I got a but frustrated around carer stuff and ended starting to write another blog that evening about having carers (not the specific frustrations). I haven’t finished writing that either. I plan to finish writing those, I really do. But everyday slips by and I don’t get them done.

In my drafts I also have the beginnings of an entry with the working title “Good Little Crippled Girl” which was going to be about being independent and how asking for help was the hardest part of the fall I had in October.

There’s Ode to a Granny Square which needs no explanation as to content but that was one I started thinking about at the end of September.

The 5th draft blog post I have (although they aren’t in the order I’ve written them here) needs a different title to it’s current one if I finish it. It’s a topic that’s been rearing it’s head since I started in compression, about how I want to be supported (emotionally/mentally/physically) versus how people want to support me. I can’t remember when I started writing that but it’s a topic that’s been back in my thoughts for the last week or so as it’s been a bit of an issue again.

Drafts 6 – 10 are all things that I ended up restarting, including in other blogs and/or are no longer relevant (like the two posts about my last two lymphoedema appts which were in April and Sept)

There is no draft 11 but there is an idea I’ve been toying with for months.

So I think it’s probably fair to say that it’s not that I’m not blogging at the moment, it’s that I’m not publishing blogs at the moment. I hope to change that soon but I’m not quite sure where to start…

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