Merry Christmas!

I haven’t managed to get back here since I wrote the last entry and finish any of those half done blog entries. They are still on my to do list to finish at some point.

I’m not feeling hugely Christmassy at the moment but there have been moments of festive joy over the last few weeks. Sometimes I think I put too much pressure on myself to watch all the Christmas films, do all the Christmas crafts and read all the Christmas books. So I’m trying to take a step back and enjoy what I have done, rather than worry about what I haven’t. And I’m really looking forward to seeing all the family on Christmas Day.

But I did want to get here before Christmas and post something to wish everyone that reads this (I’m not sure who still does) a very Happy Christmas. And of course I send my best wishes for 2021, may it bring everything people want. Most importantly I hope we all get our vaccines soon and get to be out and about again living as we like.

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