February Reading

I spent a fairy big chunk of February not reading and then the last few days of the month reading a lot. In addition to the books listed here I listened to several hours of another audiobook but got bored of it. As before, books marked with a * are from Boxall’s 1001 books you must read before you die lists so count towards my goal of reading 40 more of them before my 40th birthday.

  1. Fighting for your life: A paramedic’s story by Lysa Walder
  2. Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler
  3. The Switch by Beth O’Leary (audiobook)
  4. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins*

The Switch was probably my favourite this month although I think I preferred O’Leary’s first book, The Flatshare, more. Fighting for your life was my least favourite, I liked it but I prefer memoirs where you learn a bit more about the person writing it and felt like I wanted longer stories.

So far this year (according to Goodreads) I have read 10 books or 4194 pages.

Had Enough

I have had enough of covid and not being able to go anywhere.

I’ve had enough of having nothing to say when people ask “what news have you got?” or “what have you been up to?”

I’ve had enough of people asking if I’ve had my vaccine yet and moaning when I say no that it’s wrong, I should have been prioritised because I have carers coming in. I mean, I agree that home care users should have been prioritised along with people in care homes but it is what it is and I’m in group six anyway which is ongoing in some areas and about to start in all others. How does you moaning at me about it help? At least I am in a priority group, so many other disabled people aren’t.

I’ve had enough of hearing how it “only affects the vulnerable, old people, disabled, people with underlying conditions.”

I’ve really had enough of people telling me how they are exempt from wearing a mask but they are wearing it because they know I want them to. If you can wear a mask you’re not bloody exempt.

I’m fed up of people telling me they “feel for me” and they “know how hard it is.”

I’ve had enough of being asked if I should still be having the carers coming in.

And I’m bored of reading posts from people saying when they schools go back/after Easter/some other arbitrary date they are “done” and are going to stop social distancing or wearing masks or whatever. Some of us aren’t going to have that choice.

But the thing I’m really, really done with is ableism. Because so many of the things I’ve listed in this post are ableist (Nina Tame posted a really good video about that on Insta). And sadly as much as I think covid could be controlled in some way and life at some point will become more normal, I’m not sure the same can ever be said about ableism.

Things I’ve been making

I am trying to complete a Make a Thing a Day challenge this month. So far it’s going well. I suspect the momentum might be tricky to keep up as the month goes on but at the moment I’m enjoying the creativity..

In the eight days gone so far I have six complete makes. On the other two days I did parts of the same project as the facebook group says distinct parts of a larger make count. Some of the makes feel a little bit of a token gesture.

Here are a few photos

A lego E. I wanted to make a heart but couldn’t figure it out so I made this instead. This was what felt like a token gesture but it got over 40 likes on facebook, the most of the makes I shared.

A page from one of my colouring books. I thought it was flowers but now I think it’s more abstract.

A photo of one of my succulents that I took them edited in Snapseed. I like how dark and moody this is.

Today’s make. A bright pink heart using t shirt yarn and a 10mm hook. I’d like to try making a bigger one.