Things I’ve been making

I am trying to complete a Make a Thing a Day challenge this month. So far it’s going well. I suspect the momentum might be tricky to keep up as the month goes on but at the moment I’m enjoying the creativity..

In the eight days gone so far I have six complete makes. On the other two days I did parts of the same project as the facebook group says distinct parts of a larger make count. Some of the makes feel a little bit of a token gesture.

Here are a few photos

A lego E. I wanted to make a heart but couldn’t figure it out so I made this instead. This was what felt like a token gesture but it got over 40 likes on facebook, the most of the makes I shared.

A page from one of my colouring books. I thought it was flowers but now I think it’s more abstract.

A photo of one of my succulents that I took them edited in Snapseed. I like how dark and moody this is.

Today’s make. A bright pink heart using t shirt yarn and a 10mm hook. I’d like to try making a bigger one.

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