As I wrote in my last entry, it’s been a year since things started to end due to covid. At first glance you’d think the last year has been full of bad things. I could (and maybe should) write about the fear and the worry and the difficulties. But whilst it’s not a year I’d like to repeat there have been some good things and moments I’ve enjoyed.

In many ways the best thing was it forced me to take a break from CAB and over stuff to slow down that I really needed but didn’t feel able to take. I was so stressed by that. The stress and worry about covid was huge even after that but taking the time to stop was nice.

I was forced to try taking my own stockings off (after buying a particular aid) and was able to do so – everyone who knew me thought I wouldn’t be able to do so. Also, there were concerns about the safety of me trying and injuring myself (in part due to the infection risk lymphoedema brings). Covid was the bigger risk so I chanced it and it was OK. I am having the carers at night at the moment but it gave me independence and I’d longed for since I went into compression. I am having the carers at night again now but the option is there if I want it.

Last August I met friends (who don’t live nearby( in a local village for a walk. I used to live there and back in 2004/2005 used to wander round a particular way. On our walk and on my way home I did that for the first time since I moved away in 2005. I had forgotten how pretty it is and really enjoyed it. I hope to go again this year.

The carers started coming slightly later of a morning. I still don’t get to sleep until I want to get up but several days a week I can sleep until 8 rather than 7 and it helps. I was saying to one of them recently that it’ll be a big change to shift back to earlier calls again. I’m not letting myself look forward to it but I’ll be glad to get up earlier again when it means I’m off to CAB or the gym first thing. Well, for the first few days at least.

I’ve enjoyed some of the walks we’ve done locally and discovering a few parts of my town (mostly a new ish estate) that I hadn’t before.

I’ve read a lot of good books, probably more than I would otherwise have done. And I’ve done other hobbies from home. It’s probably fair to say I spent a lot of lockdown feeling like I should be doing more of those things but enjoying what I was doing. I got a bit into plants in my house and outside.

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