Once again two months have passed since I last wrote an update. I’ve thought a lot about things I might blog in that time. I’ve also spend a fair amount of time writing a post or two that I never published. In the end I decided over the weekend that I really, really had to either finish one of those drafts or write a post from scratch this week.

Then I looked at the date today and realised that today is my blogiversary. I set up my first blog in the days before they were called blogs. They were online diaries and I used and loved (and really miss) a site called Diaryland.

I set my page up in I think February 2000, wrote a few posts and abandoned it (the first of many abandoned blogs in my life). Fast forward to 8th November 2000 and I deleted all those entries and restarted. Which makes today, 8th November 2021, my 21st Blogiversary.

I’ve blogged both avidly and sporadically since then and I’m not sure I’d have believed anyone who told me back then that the thing I did that afternoon to kill some time would be something I still did 21 years later.

There have been many highs (and lows) in my blogging life since then. I’ve made friends and gain writing opportunities. I’ve used it for fun and for campaigning. And unfortunately I’ve sometimes upset people along the way.

I’m glad of the chance to look back at the days gone by. It’s interesting sometimes to read what I’ve done/thought/said and see what I’ve forgotten. I often try to keep my blogs vague enough so people won’t be identifiable but that has led to a few occasions when I’ve gone back a few months or years later and wondered what I actually met or who I was talking about!

A lot of my early years of blogging are lost to the abyss of the internet, I used to say I thought that was a good thing but actually I think I would like to reread them. It would probably make me cringe though.

But having that space to remember the highs and the lows of life as well as the day to day moments that don’t matter when they happen but sometimes do looking back isn’t something I want to lose. I suspect I’ll always blog (or share my life in some form) online as long as the opportunity exists.

It’s in my DNA.

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