You Get Proud By Practicing

This month is Disability Pride Month. I have many things I would like to write about disability pride and why it matters to me and what it means to me. But first I want to share something else.

The thing about being disabled however is that society isn’t set up for us as well as it could be. And people often don’t understand that disability isn’t always a tragedy or reason for pity.

Being proud is sometimes difficult for those reasons. And I recently experienced a few things (I’m not in a position where it’s appropriate for me to share details at the moment) that has made it particularly hard to be proud of my disability lately.

I suddenly remembered a line I’d read years ago in a poem “you get proud by practicing” and when I googled it I remembered how much I loved that poem (written by disabled activist Laura Hershey) back when I first heard of it.

I won’t share the whole poem but I will tell you that I’ve read it several times since that day when I refound it. And I keep reminding myself that

Remember, you weren’t the one
Who made you ashamed,
But you are the one
Who can make you proud.

The poem You Get Proud By Practicing by Laura Hershey is well worth reading in it’s entirety and can be read here

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